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The Obeah man supposedly has the power to marshal evil spirits to bring good or bad fortune. If you want to speak to practitioners, you can. When you go to Jamaica, Ask somebody at hotel, they should be able to help you, especially in that area. Fortnite icon png
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Jamaica Gleaner:- For more than a century, the practice of obeah has been illegal under Jamaican law. But just as lawmakers were getting ready to push the maximum fine to $1 million for anyone found guilty of practising obeah, Justice Minister Delroy Chuck signalled that the quasi-religious ritual could soon become legal.

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(JAMAICA STAR) - Some vendors in the Santa Cruz Market in St Elizabeth say that they are afraid to use it because of obeah workers. The vendors say that they are in fear of their lives and their ...

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Jul 29, 2004 · Obeah and myal have their roots in Africa and are widely practised in Jamaica, though banned in 1760. Obeah is primarily used to cause harm and is done out of malice, envy or 'bad mind'. The obeah man is often asked to 'put a blow' or 'work' on someone to make them ill, experience undue hardship, bad luck, become mentally ill or, in extreme cases, die.

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Unlike Voodoo, Obeah has a practical place in the medicine cabinet of many Jamaicans. Right next to your foot creme there might be a bottle of Evil Away Spray or love potion.

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From William James Gardner’s (public domain) A History of Jamaica: On the 21st a circumstance occurred which created much controversy. A reputed Obeah-man was tried by court-martial and convicted. One of the favourite assertions of these people has been that “Buckra can’t hurt them.” Colonel Hobbs directed him to be placed on a hill ...

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Obeah is one of the many Jamaican traditions rooted in our West African ancestry. Included in the slaves brought to Jamaica were healers, medicine men and priests.Many pursued their traditional practices when they arrived in Jamaica.

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Obeah Acts: Producing and Policing the Boundaries of Religion in the Caribbean Obeah’s Sensations: Rethinking Religion at the Transnational Turn Ordinary Ethics of Spiritual Work and Healing in St. Lucia, or Why Not to Use the Term Obeah

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May 06, 2015 · Igbo derived vocabulary in Jamaican Patois might perhaps be limited in number but is culturally significant: Obeah, Okra, Bukrah, Unna etc. See also “Words of African Origin in Jamaican Patois” On 23andme Igbo’s seem to have as many Jamaican IBD matches as Ghanaians (personal observation, see this survey ).

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Mar 22, 2019 · Obeah Igbo Spirituality Traditions in Jamaica “Obeah” refers to folk magic and sorcery that was derived from West African sources. The W. E. B. Du Bois Institute database supports obeah being traced to the “dibia” or “obia” meaning “doctoring” traditions of the Igbo people.

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